Vector Land Class

Vector Land Class

3D Night lighting on Motorways and major urban roads
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Vector Land Class is the topographical and land class upgrade which will revitalise simming in New Zealand.
FSX always had the promise of a truly realistic depiction of New Zealand, but many locals have been disappointed by the 'default' appearance which showed much of New Zealand as rather featureless.

VLC, which has been in development for three years, overcomes many of the limitations of the default NZ in FSX. Whereas normal land classification is limited to one square kilometre tiles, VLC adds a huge amount of detail by increasing the land class resolution by 20 times.

So you'll see forest, plantations, pockets of native bush, shelter belts, riverbeds, and more, instead of the large chunks of boring generic tiles which is the 'default' view.
A complete Land Class update for all of New Zealand;
Vector Land Class system is accurate to within about 50m, or 20 times the default FSX;
NZ Native Bush and Pine plantation based on locally sourced aerial images;
NZ Native Bush autogen included;
Roads, rail, tracks and motorways;
3D Night lighting on Motorways and major urban roads;
Accurate coastlines, rivers, lakes;
20 metre Elevation Mesh

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